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There are about eight totally different logos in whole, beginning within the Eighteen Eighties and finishing in the present day. The unique logo, which appears nothing like the following logos, is mainly unrecognizable today. The Hoosier Slide sand dune had vanished by 1920, but the Ball Brothers had sufficient saved to get them via the subsequent decade. The Ball firm says that this iconic blue shade was really created by chance when the minerals in the sand mixed and formed this beautiful hue! This sand was also used by glass companies corresponding to Pittsburgh Plate Glass and Hemingray Glass Co. As time went on, the Ball brand was simplified and evolved from block letters to completely different variations of cursive script.

So at present I’ll be speaking about accumulating classic & vintage canning jars, and I also have several free printables for you. In the US, mason jars are largely manufactured from soda-lime glass, which accounts for 90% of the manufactured glass within the country. Before refrigeration, canning was a method of preserving contemporary vegetables and fruits to last past their harvest. The blue colour of the jar is achieved by the forms of minerals used to make the glass, and the color was believed to increase the life of the food by blocking out daylight. Besides shades of blue, you’ll typically discover jars which are amber, yellow, green, and pink. Ball mason jars are a sort of house canning jar made by the Ball Corporation.

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5) There is nearly no base wear, nor any mild scratching on the floor of the glass which would usually be seen (at least slightly) on most elderly jars (although base wear could be faked). It might take some time before actual duplicates are found – that’s, finding two jars that have been both produced from one individual, particular mildew. Lucky for us, this handy chart may help you keep observe of all of the Ball jar logos.

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